Zodwa Kumalo-Valentine

Johannesburg bureau chief, Marie Claire

Zodwa Kumalo-Valentine always loved magazines � since she bought her first copies of Blush and Seventeen. To satisfy her lifelong interest, she studied journalism at Rhodes University for a while but soon realised that the genre she wanted to tackle wasn't hard news at all. Instead, she wanted to get into the "sticky, tricky, salacious, trendy, sexy, juicy, uncomfortable, hard-hitting, serious and entertaining issues.� Kumalo-Valentine says that magazines such as Marie Claire � where she is Johannesburg bureau chief � encompass all of those things as well as the other subjects she likes: gossip, debate and style. The 31-year-old, whose sister Zanele Kumalo is Johannesburg bureau chief of Elle and another of our 300 Young South Africans, started out at Independent Newspapers in the Cape as a sub-editor and a reporter and moved to Drum and then to Elle as a features writer. She joined Marie Claire as senior editor in 2006 and was later appointed the Johannesburg bureau chief. � Eamon Allan

Lunch spot: Tasha's, Atholl Square, Johannesburg