Zunaid Khan

Founder, Urban Walkabout

So you thought you knew the city? Well, nobody's really seen Joburg unless they've been on Zunaid Khan's Urban Walkabout tour. It's a favourite on the international NGO circuit and takes people walking through the heart of Hillbrow as well as the manicured concrete of Melrose Arch to display the city's diversity, its history, its people and its politics, all the while revealing how Joburg has taken � and is taking � shape. The city planner who trained at Wits first took to the streets with one of his lecturers who made it part of the curriculum to see the city from the pavement up. Khan got so into it that he started taking visiting urban planning students through different neighbourhoods on weekends as a hobby. Now his hobby is his business � at least one of them. The 31-year old also owns a Primi Piatti and a bustling little town planning operation to boot. � Tanya Pampalone

Lunch spot: Primi Piatti, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg