Adrian Lackay

Spokesperson, Sars

Working for the taxman was never part of the plan for
South African Revenue Service (Sars) spokesperson
Adrian Lackay. Growing up in the sleepy town of Pniel in the
Western Cape, Lackay was more interested in understanding
the world from a social and political perspective.
So he studied journalism at the Peninsula university of
Technology in Cape Town and landed his fi rst job as a
junior reporter on Beeld.
The quiet young man, who started at the paper as a crime
reporter, soon blossomed into a confi dent journalist who
went on to cover Parliament and return to his fi rst love,
Lackay took the leap into government communications,
becoming a crucial part of the new taxpayer-friendly image
of Sars, joining Pravin Gordhan's team, fi rst as a researcher
and later as spokesperson.
His popularity among journalists, which earned him the
Best Communicator award for 2010 from the National Press
Club, is the result of cultivating relationships that started
years before, when he was still a colleague on the other side
of the divide. And his ability to break down complicated
macroeconomics into simple sound bites makes him a
favourite on radio talk shows. � Mandy Rossouw

Lunch spot: Kream, Brooklyn, Pretoria