Andy Fenner

Jamie Who? It's a question that usually ends in a full stomach or at least a
restaurant reservation. Yes, Jamie Who? is a food blog and a tongue-incheek
reference to Jamie Oliver, but it's also an ode to good food and Andy
Fenner's love affair with it.
Fenner, aged 28, is not a trained chef, nor is he an esteemed food critic like his
idol, AA Gill. He's just a guy who really really loves food and wants to share this
experience with his audience. And audiences love him for it.
After a year in cyberspace, Jamie Who? has gained a sizeable cult following,
been featured in Food & Home magazine, has a sponsorship from Yuppie Chef
and plans to bring the blog's quirky style to print and TV. Not bad going for
a guy with postgraduate degrees in advertising and commercial property.
Perhaps Fenner should take us to lunch. � Cat Pritchard

Lunch spot: Overture, Stellenbosch, Western Cape