Andy Higgins

CEo and Co-founder,

While cleaning super-yachts in the Caribbean a few years back Andy Higgins couldn't have guessed he would next be working for a London online trading company � or starting his own local site. was meant to be launched in 12 countries, "but after the crash in 2000 we had to pull out,� says Higgins, who then directed his attention solely at the South African market. "It was very tough,� he says of the site's start up years. "But we now have R30-million in turnover per month. We stuck it out, and it has paid.� The company has grown vertically and is now a shareholder of other sites, such as,, site and private "We have lots of competitors, but they are very small � some are maybe 5% of our size,� says Higgins, asserting that Bidorbuy is "absolutely� the biggest site of its kind in the country. The next step? "To launch in Kenya. � Lisa Steyn

Lunch spot: Primi Piatti, Rosebank, Johannesburg