Azad Essa


Blogger Azad Essa has changed his mind. Having declared in 2009
in the Mail & Guardian's Young South Africans supplement that he
"didn't like blogging� , Essa now says that's so last year. Mostly because
his blog started taking off right after that.
The Thought Leader blogger says he has begun to respect blogging
for the exposure it has given to his writing. But he's quick to clarify that
it's not his destiny.
When he isn't blogging, Essa teaches in the industrial sociology
department of the university of KwaZulu-Natal. He's also a freelance
journalist and a columnist for a variety of local and international
But it's his blogging that keeps his readers in constant touch with
what's happening in the world � and the politics around it all. That's
where Essa takes on issues around such politicians as ANC Youth
League president Julius Malema, who, he says, is the representation of
the young black generation searching for the pot of gold at the end of
the rainbow. Or where he pontifi cates on his expectations of the World
Cup, lashing out at Zakumi as well as at the injustices meted out to
traders, street children and prostitutes (he personally cannot wait for
the World Cup to come and "fuck us over�).
And that's why his readers love him � and what keeps him ranked
as one of the top bloggers in the country. � Valencia Talane

Lunch spot: Pizza and coffee anywhere but Caminettos, Durban (Note: Last year his choice was Caminettos, but he says their standards have dropped to such levels that he feels he must denounce them in the interests of the public good)