Bronwyn Lace

Educational Officer, The Bag Factory

In her own artwork Bronwyn Lace is interested in space so the installation and performance artist, who runs an arts education programme at Newtown's Bag Factory, is in the perfect place to explore some of her ideas. One of the most cherished spaces in the local art world, the Bag Factory has hosted local and international artists since its inception in 1991 as an artists' studio. "Johannesburg provides an unbelievable canvas for an artist � it's something that you can constantly respond to,� says Lace. "The things you do here do show and make a difference, even if it's for a moment.� Currently Lace is also working on a community building project in Sutherland, a small town in the middle of the Karoo, where SALT (Southern African Large Telescope), the second-largest telescope in the southern hemisphere, is based. For Lace it's important to grow communities around instruments of such global interest. She runs the project in collaboration with SALT and the Southern African Astronomical Organisation. "We have been trying over the past two years to build a relationship between the Earth, that is, the people on the ground, and the stars, via the astronomers and the telescope.� To do that Lace works with the community to make and fly kites, at kite-flying festivals and a "land art� festival. "Our project is trying to find both the physical and metaphorical space between the somewhat isolated and poor community of people in the town of Sutherland and the International observatory and telescope just outside of Sutherland,� she says. "We play with elements like the wind, sun and light. using these we create beautiful performance moments with the children and some of the community.� � Vuvu Vena

Lunch spot: The Fat Olive, Muldersdrift, Gauteng