Buti Kgwaridi Manamela

National Secretary, Young Communist League of South Africa

Buti Manamela has become the face of the Young
Communist League of South Africa by virtue of being its
national secretary since its re-establishment in 2003.
Manamela has, in recent months, become a match for
controversial ANC Youth League (ANCYL) president, Julius
Malema; there is widespread belief that he should be reelected
to his position because he is the only person brave
enough to take on the ANCYL leader.
The young communist is a member of the ANC's strategy
committee in Parliament, that does the overall planning of
the ruling party's work in the National Assembly. He chairs
the special projects committee which oversaw the 91st
birthday celebrations of former president Nelson Mandela
and organised the South African Chapter of "67 minutes
of volunteering� .
Although Manamela was caught on camera sleeping
during an early sitting of Parliament, he has turned into one
of the most active young MPs. He has been vocal on the
issue of labour-brokering, calling the employment practice a
new form of slavery.
Those who had hoped that this young fi rebrand would
tone down his radicalism and mature into a diplomat are
probably jubilant. The young Red oozes growth and his
future in politics looks bright, even if it means that he will
be spending years on a crusade to sell communism and
socialism to South Africans. � Mmanaledi Mataboge

Lunch spot: Marco's African Place, Cape Town