Dada Masilo


Dada Masilo is what you might call a "classic contemporary� � that rare breed of exceptional contemporary dancers who embrace the classics � from Shakespeare to Tchaikovsky, from ballet to fl amenco. Even her name evokes a contemporary fusion of influences. It's this fearlessness on stage that won the 25-year-old a place at the prestigious Arts Research and Training Studios in Brussels and the Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Dance in 2008. When she's not creating works such as Romeo and Juliet or Carmen or dancing to sold-out audiences at festivals, Masilo is an artist-in-residence at the Dance Factory and runs the Dance Factory Youth Training Programme, which offers free tuition to aspiring young dancers. Her passion is limitless, which is why, when this diminutive vegetarian with the self-confessed temper of a lion takes to the stage it's an experience even her beloved Shakespeare would struggle to describe. She's just that powerful. � Cat Pritchard

Lunch spot: Sophia's, Rosebank, and The Service Station, Melville, Johannesburg