Daniel Radebe

Social Worker, Teddy Bear Clinic, Soweto Branch

Daniel Radebe stands out among his colleagues. As one of few male social workers he serves as a positive role model for the thousands of abused boys and girls who come to the Teddy Bear Clinic for protection and support. It's not an easy task for a 31-year-old, nor one that his degree in social work fully prepared him for, but it's what he actively chooses to do every time he brings a teddy bear and smile to a child in need. One of the hardest parts of his job is preparing the young victims for court. If they are too young or too scared, he will testify on their behalf. And then there are the families he educates and supports, knowing full well that abuse affects entire communities, not just their children. Luckily for them, Radebe is quite willing to stand and be counted among the women. � Cat Pritchard

Lunch spot: Woolworths Cafes