David Maimela

Deputy Director, Policy and Governance, Office of the Premier, Gauteng

David Maimela is a man of policy and principal,
and he's not afraid to voice either. Whether
debating educational policy in his previous capacity
as South African Students Congress president or
weaving democratic ideals and Bertrand Russell
into a blog entry about soccer, Maimela is a man of
measured words.
But he's also a public servant who loves to help
create policies, which is why, at 28, Maimela works in
the offi ce of the premier in Gauteng in the policy and
governance branch, where he helps process policy
documents and manages the offi ce of the deputy
director general.
It's a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines,
but Maimela doesn't mind. If he wasn't formulating
ideas to constitute a working policy framework,
this Mandela Rhodes Scholar would be lecturing or
undertaking intensive policy research and analysis.
At least, this way, he gets to part of the political nervecentre
of Gauteng and aid the direction of Africa's
economic hub. � Cat Pritchard

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