DJ Euphonik


�DJ� is a very limited title for a man who runs a marketing events company, has taken up residence at Whoozoo, produced platinum-selling CDs, warmed the stage for the likes of Missy Elliot and Blu Cantrell and still finds time to bring down the house every Sunday night on 5FM. Welcome to the turntable lifestyle of Themba Nkosi, the boy from Benoni with international star appeal and a dedicated month on the 2006 Cosmo "South Africa's Sexiest Man� calendar to prove it. Luckily for us Euphonik, like his music, is loud and proud to be local. It's one reason why he put on a South African dance music showcase at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, along with friend and mentor, DJ Fresh. The other reason is probably that he just wanted to say: "How lekker is that?� If he wasn't voted "most likely to get a party started� in high school, who was? � Cat Pritchard

Lunch spot: Fifteen, Alexandra, Johannesburg