Dr Karl le Roux

Chairperson, Rural Doctors Association

Dr Karl le Roux has one professional wish: that poor rural
communities receive the same quality of healthcare as
affl uent urban ones.
For that he is prepared to travel the arduous Coffee Bay Road
to Zithulele Hospital, where he works, to ensure more drugs,
doctors and support for rural health care in South Africa.
At 35, Le Roux's commitment to rural medicine, whether
advising community service doctors, training nurses or
making a plan when the oxygen and drugs run out, goes
well beyond his duty as a doctor and chairperson of the
Rural Doctors Association.
He may have his doctorate, four years of rural service and
a master's in international public health, but he believes that
it's only a small start. With so few resources and so much
need, Le Roux is grateful for the knowledge that every day
brings more opportunities to make a real difference and the
smiles and gratitude of his patients. � Cat Pritchard

Lunch spot: Caprice, Camps Bay