Duncan MacFadyen

Research and Conservation manager, E oppenheimer & Son

Dedicated conservationist Duncan MacFayden believes that human
beings can learn a lot from bugs. "We can live and work together
in harmony,� he says.
MacFayden caught the love of all things nature related from his
father; now he is passionate about passing the bug to the younger
His kids' book, Tuggy's Busy Day, has a dung beetle for a hero, and he
is working on Betty and Ken's New Home (about butterfl ies) and Manny
and Lindiwe Make a Move, featuring a praying mantis and a dragon fl y.
For grownups there's A Landscape of Insects and other Invertebrates,
which celebrates the diversity of insect life.
MacFadyen has a master's degree in nature conservation, an Msc in
entomology and zoology, and is busy fi nishing a PhD on mammals in
the Bankenveld. He is also the manager of research and conservation
for E Oppenheimer & Son and sits on the De Beers biodiversity and
environmental peer group committees. � Duduzile Mathebula

Lunch spot: Cool Runnings, Hatfield, Pretoria