Dylan Culhane and Ace Swart

Editor and Publisher, Vice Magazine

It all started a few years ago over a few beers. Dylan Culhane was just getting out of
the magazine business and Ace Swart was really getting into it. A few comments
were probably thrown out about the state of youth culture in South Africa and the
magazines that don't support it. Perhaps a "pinkie swear� was thrown in for good
measure. Either way, these two crazy creatives conspired to bring VICE magazine
� a free global indie magazine known for its controversial content and sardonic
take on sex, drugs and violence � to staid South Africa. It was a ballsy move in the
middle of a recession and with no funding to speak of, but, three years later, the many
contributing voices of VICE SA can be read in 22 countries in one million copies and
online, where it has 12-million users. Isn't that what democracy is all about?
�Cat Pritchard

Lunch spot: Superette, Woodstock, Cape Town