Enrico Olivier

Astronomer, South African Astronomical Observatory

In his new position, dealing with the public and
the media, Enrico Olivier is asked some weird
questions, usually to do with uFOs and other
strange objects people have seen in the sky.
But he also deals with more standard enquiries
about phases of the moon and the times of sunrise
and sunset. Olivier's interest in science was sparked
at a young age by his parents, who encouraged him
to make use of the local library. Born and bred in
the Western Cape, he spent four years in Australia
studying for his PhD in astronomy and astrophysics
before returning to the Cape and joining the South
African Astronomical Observatory.
Olivier, who stepped into the media liaison post
last year, says he only really started settling into
his job at the beginning of 2010. Besides handling
calls from the public, he gives talks at schools and
interviews on television and radio. This year he
plans to spend more time on his research into the
structure and evolution of stars. � Tarryn Harbour

Lunch spot: Any Asian restaurant