Gareth Knight

Technology Entrepreneur

In 2005 Gareth Knight started a software company called
Technovated, with a clientele based mainly in London. And in 2007
Technovated developed a family social network arm called Kindo.
Then the two merged and, well, then things got really interesting.
"We grew to 17 languages and users in 220 countries in six months,�
says Knight. But not long after that, Kindo was bought by My Heritage,
a global genealogy software company based in Tel Aviv.
Late last year Knight decided to pick up Technovated again:
"We are pretty much software people but we know how to build
things for the consumer web,� he says.
At the moment Technovated is building a dating site that's mobile and
computer-based; it's rooted nationally but branches out globally as well.
Knight says his zoology studies at the university of the
Witwatersrand helped him to think differently about technology.
"I think in a lot of ways. I do not come from a traditional IT
background, so I approach things from a different point of view,�
he says. "It's also given me a sensibility for people and some of the
problems that people have. I think about things in a different way and
that refl ects in the way I work.�
Knight said Technovated aims at building global products from
South Africa, "because we have really smart people in this country, very
talented, and the rest of the world sometimes does not give us that
credit� . � Vuvu Vena

Lunch spot: Tasha's Cafe, Rivonia, Johannesburg