Gareth Morgan

Shadow Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs

Gareth Morgan asks a lot of tough questions.
It's his job. In fact, in 2009, Morgan asked
ministers more parliamentary questions than
any other MP. But if those questions mean that
important laws are amended and his Durban West
constituents get the justice they deserve, he will
probably ask many more this year.
The one thing this Durbanite has never
questioned is getting into politics, which he did
at 18, when he served as a student activist for the
Democratic Alliance (DA). Four years later, he was
elected the DA's media offi cer in KwaZulu-Natal
and, by 27, he had proven himself suffi ciently to be
elected to Parliament.
It goes without saying that Morgan is a busy
man. When he's not speaking to community
organisations, visiting public institutions and
dealing with the queries of constituents he's
attending a sitting of the National Assembly or
looking after issues in the portfolio committee
of water and environmental affairs.
But if Morgan has moved up the party ladder
because of sheer drive and hard work, it's his belief
in constantly educating himself about the issues at
hand that sees him lead from the front. It is also the
reason why, when awarded a prestigious Rhodes
scholarship, he read for a politics, philosophy and
economics degree and an MSc in environmental
change and management at Oxford. It's also the
reason he is a member of Globe International's G8+5
Climate Dialogue and regularly donates indigenous
trees to local schools, using the opportunity to
educate learners about climate change.
With so much energy and focus, it's not
surprising that Morgan has completed eight ultra
marathons and 10 standard marathons and has run
up and down the highest mountains in Scotland,
England and Wales in under 24 hours. Just imagine
what he will accomplish in the next 33 years.
�Cat Pritchard

Lunch spot: The Arts Cafe, KZNSA Gallery, Glenwood, Durban