Gavin Prins

Entertainment Writer, Rapport

It's tough being an entertainment journalist. Gavin Prins should know. He's
had to have "quick lunches� with Celine Dion and Charlize Theron before
rushing off to attend yet another star-studded event.
When he's not presenting the celebrity show, Tongelos, he's chatting his way
through the best VIP functions to get the gossip for Rapport. And, puffy-eyed
or not, he still manages to stay ahead of the game � he was the fi rst to write
about the Joost van der Westhuisen sex-tape scandal and he broke the story
on the Oprah Winfrey school.
Luckily he is ethical, still
believing in such a thing as "off
the record� , which is probably
why Oprah invited him to dinner,
even after the story broke. At 33,
Prins might not have become the
actor he dreamed of becoming
as a young boy, but he certainly
knows how to walk the red
carpet with the best of them.
�Cat Pritchard

Lunch spot: Europa, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg