Given Nkuna

Managing Director, Le2 Designs

Le2 Designs is a passion its managing director, Given
Nkuna, has been working at for more than six years.
He specialises in designing and making products such
as scarves and handbags from felt � compressed from
all-natural woollen fi bres, which, he says, are "good for the
environment� .
In 2009 Nkuna was honoured as the British Council's
Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Nkuna is the only young
man in the local industry to make felt products by hand.
"People buy it because it is unique and different � and
because it is proudly South African and local.�
He always knew he wanted to be self-employed and,
while working for a spray-coating company, made crafts
on the side. In 2004 he completed a NQF 4 in micro craft
enterprise leadership and went on to take part in numerous
exhibitions and shows. He is also project manager of a
recycling project called the Green Footprint Education
Intervention Project.
The project holds workshops in different communities,
showing how recyclables can, through the use of craft,
be turned into products.
Le2 Designs also offer services such as skills development
and team-building. � Lisa Steyn

Lunch spot: Any Indian restaurant, Fordsburg, Johannesburg