Guy Taylor

Social Technologist and Organisational Designer

Guy Taylor is addicted to change � changing systems,
behaviours, frameworks; anything that helps business
move into a more human space.
As a behavioural theorist, analyst and change agent, Taylor
works with social tools that will create freedom of thought,
interaction and community and provides the technology to
make it happen. Why? Because he believes that business is
done in a way that doesn't makes sense to people. It's a useful
skill to have in a world dominated by systems and people
when the two don't often understand each other.
Luckily, Taylor loves both. Having started out as a support
techie, he has worked through enough systems to help
organisations change theirs. As chair of the Johannesburg
Drupal users Group, Taylor offers free introductory courses
in technology and makes sure he regularly gives back to
communities. Now, if he could only change the education system
in South Africa, Taylor would be a changed man. � Cat Pritchard

Lunch spot: So Yum, Hyde Park, Johannesburg