Ishtar Lakhani

National Coordinator, One in Nine Campaign

The One in Nine Campaign is an unapologetically feminist collective of organisations and individuals working for social justice for women. Ishtar Lakhani, the group's national co ordinator, is responsible for mobilising direct action around particular cases of sexual violence, as well as organising programmes that serve to engage women activists in getting their word out in the media. She has ensured that important cases such as the Buyisiwe gang-rape case were well supported and reported, both outside the court and in the media. Her upbringing makes her ideally suited to coordinate the innovative visual public campaigns that have become the trademark of the One in Nine Campaign. Lakhani was weaned on activism and the arts. Her mother is a gender activist with a fine arts degree, her father ran the Communikon Theatre, which showcased protest theatre. "I am a part of a collective struggle against patriarchy and fighting for a world where women have autonomy because I feel it is morally right,� she says. � Lionel Faull

Lunch spot: Jasmyn's, Richmond,Johannesburg