Jacky Kwan Tai Ho

Free Runner/Parkour

Named after Jackie Chan, professional free runner and
talent agency owner Jacky Kwan Tai Ho fi rst
saw what was to be his future on a plane to Hong Kong
in November 2003.
That's when he watched a documentary called Jump
London, which showed traceurs (practitioners of Parkour)
moving acrobatically through famous locations in
London using the discipline of the fast-growing urban
sport. Though the World Freerunning and Parkour
Federation site describes the sport merely as "the act of
moving from point �A' to point �B' using the obstacles in
your path to increase your effi ciency�, what it actually
looks like is an elegant display of jumping, running,
fl ipping and fl ying over streets and buildings and steps
and benches and anything else that gets in their way.
In 2004 Kwan Tai Ho joined other traceurs in South
Africa and, in 2009, started PkJOZI, made up of a group
of friends who practise movement for the love of it and
in their own way, with personal fl are and style.
"I personally do not believe in the word Parkour or free
running,� he says. "What I do is move. Moving for me is
about being able to look at the world differently, about
being able to look through a pair of eyes that portrays
our landscapes full of obstacles, and the ability to surpass
those obstacles. Most importantly, though, true moving
is about being able to express my movement under, over
or through any landscape as fl uidly, beautifully and as
controlled as possible.�
And that's exactly what he does. Kwan Tai Ho has
appeared in local and international television adverts for
products from Coke Zero to Levi's. He's also been featured
in the music videos of stars such as TKZee, Skwatta Camp,
Zulu Boy, Loyiso Bala and Jamelia as well as in South
African productions such as My World?, Footskating 101,
and an upcoming local movie about vampires.
Kwan Tai Ho it isn't about the show. He takes his art
seriously. Movement, he says, is about mastering his
environment and seeing the world as his canvas. "My
freedom of expression mirrors the brush strokes to an
art which is perfect in my heart.� � Vuvu Vena

Lunch spot: The Westcliff Hotel, Johannesburg