Janice Limson

Head of Biotechnology, Rhodes University

In 2009 Janice Limson was promoted to associate professor, a move that, she
says, means both a lot more work and a lot more responsibility. On the plus
side, she was granted a six-month sabbatical in January this year, which has
given her a lot more time to focus on her research.
In addition to her academic role Limson is editor-in-chief of Science in Africa,
the continent's fi rst online science magazine, which she started nine years ago,
and winner of the Highway Africa New Media in Journalism and a National
Science and Technology Forum award.
Limson's research team of 12 master's and PhD students is working on
cancer diagnostics and drug delivery, with the ultimate aim of developing
marketable tools for cancer diagnostics. "We're all about turning research into
reality,� she says. � Tarryn Harbour

Lunch spot: Yellow House, Grahamstown