Khaya Dlanga


Khaya Dlanga is a gifted communicator with a
short attention span.
When he's not pitching solution-driven strategies
for Metropolitan Republic, this 32-year-old creative
is blogging opinions on Thought Leader, crafting a
column for News24 or tweeting over 35 thoughts a
day. Give or take.
It wasn't long ago that he was catching a taxi
from his hometown outside East London to Cape
Town to attend the AAA advertising college,
although he hadn't actually registered for the
course. A few "creative� lies later and he was
in, studying art direction by day, waiting tables
by night and juggling fi nancial diffi culties and
homelessness in between.
It must have been good material for his stand-up
comedy and perhaps even fuelled the video blogs that
gained him an international following on YouTube.
Today Dlanga is the one laughing, with a Gold
Cannes, a Black Eagle and a few other precious
metals to his name and a cult following across the
social media space. Tweet that. � Cat Pritchard

Lunch spot: Tasha's Cafe, Atholl Square, Sandton