Lebo Dithako

Founder, Oxywaste Management

Lebo Dithako has been making crafts from recycled material since he was in school � only it was
a hobby back then. But when Dithako, a former construction worker, found himself in urgent
need of employment, his craft soon became an innovative environmental project.
Oxywaste Management has been running for almost fi ve years and now employs three people from
the community of Moletsane in Soweto. He generates income by cleaning bins for more than 300
households and is also beginning to educate the community about source separation. Dithako recycles
cans and Tetra Paks found in the bins and transforms them into products such as wallets and caps.
"I sell my stuff to tourists � and people who love art,� he says. He has also started teaching others
how to make crafts, "but I don't have a workshop or anything like that�. Oxywaste Management has
initiated several cleaning campaigns and Dithako is also working with his local councillor on a project
that aims to develop a park from a dump site. � Lisa Steyn

Lunch spot: Thokoza Park, Rockville, Soweto