Lindi Matshikiza


She's young, talented and beautiful, so why isn't Lindi Matshikiza slapping someone on a soapie already? It's a question this award-wining actress and rightful heir to the Matshikiza theatre throne gets asked a lot. The truth is that, right now, she wants you to laugh at her solo stage antics in Bafana Republic, agonise over her conflicts in Closer and even question her co-direction of The Unspeakable Story. It's this sheer commitment to developing her craft that ensures Matshikiza's name tops the most competitive of bills and that she gets nominated for Naledis year after year. Right now, the world is her stage,which means tackling every challenging role, audience and director with the hunger of a young Rhodes drama graduate and the dedication of a passionate professional. But if Hollywood calls, don't be surprised if she answers it, even if the love of theatre runs deep in her veins. � Cat Pritchard

Lunch spot: Kebab braai stand, Cyrildene, Johannesburg