Malesela Molepo


After his impressive showing at the Cana Zone 3
and 4 Aquatics Championships in Nairobi, Kenya,
early this year, Malesela Molepo could well become
the fi rst black South African swimmer at the Olympics.
The 18-year-old, who hails from Polokwane,
bagged six gold, four silver and four bronze medals in
the championships.
He perfected his swimming in the backyard pool
at home when he took an interest in the whitedominated
sport back in 1994. Molepo, who is
determined to be a world champion, also met his fi rst
obstacle at home. His parents didn't want him to take
up swimming seriously, but he followed his heart.
He took swimming lessons at school and was spotted
by an instructor at a gala in 2006. Today the young
swimmer is the proud holder of 13 medals among a
host of other notable achievements and on track to
make the 2012 Olympics team. � Phathisani Moyo

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