Mandy Weiner

Reporter, Primedia

If Mandy Weiner is observing history from a front-row seat it's because she's worked
hard to get there. From humble beginnings as a traffi c widget, when traffi c lights
were her main source of inspiration, she has progressed to reporting on everything
from the tragic death of toddlers Khensani Mitileni and Makgabo Matlala to the rise
of President Jacob Zuma and the downfall of Jackie Selebi. And when uS President
Barack Obama delivered his moving acceptance speech, Weiner was there.
She's on call 24/7 and never misses an opportunity to break a story, because that's
what it takes to be named 2007 CNN African Journalist of the Year for radio. But it also
takes pride in your job and country, both of which drive Weiner to hold lawmakers
and leaders accountable for their actions. There's little doubt that this girl from
Polokwane has earned her title, "Mandy Weiner, Eyewitness News � . � Cat Pritchard

Lunch spot: Nonna Mia's, Senderwood, Johannesburg