Maria Botha and Liani Broodryk

Environmental Activists, Ripples for Good

Lifelong friends Maria Botha and Liani Broodryk see water as a "magical medium� to unite people. The livewire ladies, together with their pooches, Dante and Katrin, have cycled, walked, hiked, kayaked and motorbiked 20 000 kilometres since 2004, raising awareness in communities about water quality. "The state of our waterways in this country is atrocious, and yet everyone needs water to survive,� Broodryk says. "We like to blame government for our water problems, but people need to realise they can take responsibility for themselves and their immediate environment,� says Botha. Travelling alone and unaided, Botha and Broodryk have been astonished by the warmth and generosity of the people of Southern Africa. Their worst experience was Broodryk's motorbike crash in Mozambique last year, which left her in intensive care for three weeks. Now that she has recovered the two intend to complete their Southern Africa trip, create a reality TV show, and then travel through the Americas. � Lionel Faull

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