Marlise Richter

MVisiting Researcher, Forced migration Studies Programme, Wits University

Marlise Richter's research interests raise eyebrows among some of her friends: her PhD focuses on migrancy and sex worker access to healthcare in Hillbrow. She has written more than 40 articles for local and international publications on gender, HIV/ Aids, healthcare and human rights. Richter, who also sits on the board of the Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce (Sweat), says sex workers' rights are back on the agenda ahead of the Fifa World Cup, with sex work advocates seeking a moratorium on sex work-related arrests during the month-long fiesta. "Sex workers fear that they will be rounded up and detained for the duration of the event,� Richter says. Despite lobbying government extensively, prodecriminalisation groups have made little headway. "I wish I could say we have had some success, but we haven't,� she says. " The law reform process has taken 10 years, and there's no end in sight.� � Lionel Faull

Lunch spot: Baps Shayona, Mayfair, Johannesburg