Megan Kakora

Online Editor, Cosmopolitan Online

As online editor of South Africa's biggest women's glossy, Megan Kakora
manages, oversees and liaises on all marketing and management issues
and assumes fi nal responsibility for all design and content. So there's really
very little downtime.
Luckily Kakora is very hands-on, which is why she studied journalism at the
Cape Peninsula university of Technology and is constantly looking for new
ways to sharpen her media skills.
She may have grown up in Kuils River, dreaming of becoming a magazine
editor, but it was the online space that stole her heart, giving her every
opportunity to help educate and entertain young South African women
through a strong online community. And it doesn't hurt that she gets to
interview stars such as John Legend. � Cat Pritchard

Lunch spot: Royale Eatery, Long Street, Cape Town