Moses Masitha

SRC President, University of the Free State

Being the first black president of the Student
Representative Council at a traditionally whites-only,
Afrikaans-dominated university can't be easy, but Moses
Masitha appears to be taking it in his stride.
A resident of Bloemfontein since he started high
school, Masitha began his law studies at the university of
the Free State in 2005. He later switched to philosophy
� "a very gung-ho decision� � and is currently doing his
honours, although he confesses that since his election as
president his academic work has slid somewhat.
Masitha, who was vice-president of the SRC in 2007,
says he was elected president as a result of two years of
hard work in student activism and a desire to help unite a
very divided campus.
The months since the election have been both "really
great� and "very bad� , as Masitha has tried to bridge
the enormous racial gulf between students. But there
have been some successes: recently the SRC held a
"Clean Slate uFS Kovsies Students End Discrimination�
march on campus.
Masitha sees the SRC as a peacemaker; an agent
for uniting the students. He attributes his passion to
become an agent of positive social change to his church,
the Christian Revival Church in Bloemfontein, which has
a racially diverse congregation and a spirit of genuine
colour-blindness. One day Masitha hopes to establish an
education and training non-governmental organisation,
as he feels strongly that Africa needs to develop good
moral leadership.
He is proud to come from Bloemfontein.
"It's an incredible place,� he says. "People often say,
�Can anything good come out of Bloemfontein?' And
then they're surprised when it does. We're kind of the
underdog; I like that.� � Tarryn Harbour

Lunch spot: Euro Cafe, Mimosa Mall, Bloemfontein