Musa Nxumalo


It's hard to describe Musa Nxumalo in conventional terms. But he probably wouldn't want you to anyway. At 24, Nxumalo is one of those urban black youths who choose to identify with alternative culture, breaking with stereotypes and adopting symbols from other worlds. But instead of getting caught up in it, he documents it, using the cultural weapon of choice on the street � photography. A graduate of the Market Photo Workshop, where he works as a fulltime course assistant, Nxumalo was the recipient of the 2008 Edward Ruiz Mentorship and held his first solo exhibition, Alternative Kids, at the Michael Stevenson Gallery in Cape Town last year. And yes, he stills lives with his aunt and uncle in Soweto. Nxumalo may be a rising star of the Liam Lynch school of style but he's also partly the young boy who grew up making scrapbooks from alternative culture magazines while dreaming of becoming a policeman. � Cat Pritchard

Lunch spot: The Bohemian, Richmond, Johannesburg