Nadia Sanger

Chief Researcher, Human Sciences Research Council

Nadia Sanger, chief researcher at the Human Sciences Research Council in Cape Town, will be off to the University of Maryland in September on a Fullbright scholarship. Her post-doctoral studies will focus on black women filmmakers and what their films say about identities in South Africa. She sees this opportunity as a chance for transnational feminist collaboration. Sanger holds an honours degree in psychology and a master's and a doctorate in women and gender studies from the university of the Western Cape. Her research mainly concerns gender and sexuality. As a vegetarian she is also interested in "the relationship between humans and other animals�. I'm particularly interested in the instrumental use of other animals for human interests � how we use animals for food, for medical experimentation and for clothing, like leather and fur.� Another concern is the way gender and sexuality issues are represented in the media and other institutions, as this has an impact on the kind of choices people make. And as a feminist in South Africa, Sanger would "like to see feminism become a discourse that's more mainstreamed in government, in the media and in other major institutions that people interact with on a daily basis�. � Vuvu Vena

Lunch spot:Maharajah Vegetarian Restaurant, Rondebosch, Cape Town