Nadine Hutton


Nadine Hutton has been a photojournalist for
13 years. Now her work has expanded to include
fi lm, fi ne art and performance. She rejects a cold,
objective approach to images.
"As a photojournalist my interest is directed towards
in-depth documentation of stories that may not
necessarily seem newsworthy,� she says. "I tell stories,
narratives that are a neglected part of the process of the
past decade and which have important implications for
the understanding of South Africa.� Much of her work is
concerned with social issues, which include the rights of
women and the dispossessed and "those whose voices
are rarely heard above the furore� .
This personal approach was apparent in 2006 when
she documented her own mother's story as a survivor of
gender violence and won a Ruth First scholarship.
Since then, she has been a fi nalist at Spier
Contemporary, and has been selected to be artist-inresidence
at The Bag Factory. Recent projects include
work relating to the World Summit on Arts and Culture
and facilitating a video art workshop aimed at artists
who have little experience of digital media.
�Lisa van Wyk

Lunch spot: Sophiatown, Newtown, Johannesburg