Natalie Jaynes

Western Cape Regional Director and Acting National Representative, Gun Free South Africa

Natalie Jaynes regularly receives abusive emails and late-night phone calls. It's part of a low level campaign by pro-gun ownership groups to silence her organisation. "We are not just an anti-gun group,� Jaynes says. "We have a radical vision that one day there will be no more guns in this country.� There are approximately four million guns in circulation in South Africa, Jaynes says, and the country is a significant arms exporter. "We also have one of the highest rates of gun violence in the world, and the highest rate of gun related femicide.� Gun Free South Africa lobbies government to align the Firearms Control Act and the Criminal Procedure Act more closely with the letter and spirit of the Constitution. Aproximately 32 000 guns were handed in to the authorities during the most recent amnesty window. A drop in the ocean, perhaps, but Jaynes says: "Even one gun taken out of circulation is a victory for society.� � Lionel Faull

Lunch spot: La Vie, Beach Road, Sea Point, Cape Town