Ndivhuwo Mabaya

Head of Media Services, Ministry of Defence and military Veterans

Ndivhuwo Mabaya has been speaking for Cabinet
ministers since he was 22, when he landed an
internship with the transport ministry under the late Dullah
Omar. The 31-year-old spindoctor moved from transport to
housing and is now with defence and military veterans.
And he's not shy about what he needs to say. Not long
after Mabaya moved to the defence ministry with Minister
Lindiwe Sisulu last year the soldiers' march on the union
Buildings exploded on to the streets. Mabaya faced the
military unions head-on, with daily condemnation of the
march that turned violent.
But his primary responsibility is to develop and
implement the ministry's media strategy and to manage
communications channels. A journalism graduate of Tshwane
university of Technology, Mabaya sees his job as that of a
communication "advisor� rather than simply a spokesperson.
He was the brains behind the television series Breaking
New Ground, which communicated to viewers across the
country progress made on government's promise to build
houses for the poor. � Mmanaledi Mataboge

Lunch spot: Cafe 41, Brooklyn, Pretoria