Nick Ferreira

Research Clerk, Constitutional Court

How do you reconcile a government's obligation to uphold its citizens' basic human rights with the limitations imposed by time, cost and capacity? It's a question that has troubled Nick Ferreira and to which he has dedicated the better part of a decade, studying through the prism of philosophy at Oxford university. But there's absolutely no doubt in his mind: questions of feasibility are a simplistic way to undermine communities' fights to access their basic rights. Now a clerk for Justice Edwin Cameron at the Constitutional Court, Ferreira is on the cusp of becoming an advocate at the Johannesburg Bar, where he plans to use the power of litigation in favour of greater equality and social rights. Ferreira, who realised relatively late in his career that he wanted to be a lawyer, studied simultaneously for his DPhil at Oxford and his LLB at unisa to catch up � a superhuman feat by any standards. � Lionel Faull

Lunch spot: Trieste Cafe, Greenside, Johannesburg