Nikiwe Bikitsha

Senior News Anchor,

Nikiwe Bikitsha has never worked a normal
day. From her years as a junior reporter at
Cape Talk 567, where she worked "all hours� to
impress, to her early mornings at SAfm, where
she co-anchored AM Live, a 9-5 day has been as
foreign to Bikitsha as some of the stories she
reports on as senior news anchor for Newsnight.
At 32, Bikitsha is one of those rare individuals
who has the voice for radio, the face for TV and
the nose for print, and has pursued all three with
the professionalism and poise you would expect
from the journalist who "got the exclusive� with
Winnie Madikizela Mandela back in 2003.
It's not surprising to fi nd that she put herself
through Rhodes university or that she now has
her own fortnightly column, "High Heels� , in the
Mail & Guardian. But what many don't know is
that her velvety voice could have hit Broadway
instead of our airways. Lucky us.
�Cat Pritchard

Lunch spot: Allora, Sandton