Rebecca Pursell

Human and Social Development Specialist

Rebecca Pursell is a social crusader who fights for the support of orphans and unprotected children. Sadly, the children are many and the resources few, but this doesn't stop Pursell from ensuring that our most vulnerable citizens get the services they need and so rightly deserve. Armed with an honours degree in social work and two masters degrees, one in forced migration, the other in public health, Pursell is not about to let ignorance get in the way of effective implementation. When she's not working on the Reducing Exploitive Child Labour in Southern Africa project or coordinating projects that strengthen services for children who may be used in trafficking, she's making sure that her extensive research and reports lead to tangible changes on the ground. At 31, it's not an easy job to take home, but it's one that has the potential to grow a nation of well-adjusted citizens. And that's worth the fight. � Cat Pritchard

Lunch spot: Service Station, Melville, Johannesburg