Rob Burrell

Managing Director,

Rob Burrell is a serial entrepreneur of the Richard Branson kind. At 31 he has already tried, unsuccessfully, to shoot an independent film and launch an international calling card to get around restrictions in Zimbabwe, his homeland. A diehard innovator with a desire to help is fellow Africans rise above their restrictive environments, Burrell set up, an online platform that enables Zimbabweans, and other dispersed nationals, to transfer money back home. In six months grew its customer base from 300 to 10 000 and later picked up a swanky innovation award. The idea may have started in London, where he spent six years building a following for his band, Mann Friday, but its heart is fi rmly rooted in Africa. So what's next? MukuruMusic � a socially conscious platform that will enable grassroots musicians to sell their music and collect royalties online. � Cat Pritchard

Lunch spot: Bombay Bicycle Club, Cape Town