Robby Coelho

Partner, Technology, media and Telecommunications Practice Group, Webber Wentzel attorneys

Fifteen years ago, there were few laws regulating the convergence of the multimedia, technology and telecommunications industries in South Africa. As a law student at Wits, and later as a candidate attorney with Webber Wentzel,Robby Coelho realised that information and communications technology (ICT) law was an undeveloped and dynamic area. He is now considered one of the few experts in the fi eld in South Africa. "It's been satisfying to be involved in the fi eld for many years, to be part of its evolution, and to apply the law to the ongoing changes ,� he says. Coelho spent two years as legal manager for EDS (now Hewlett-Packard) in Africa and the Middle East, and was a member of the EDS negotiating team that sealed an international mega-deal. He enjoys working with a team of young lawyers who are au fait with the latest technological trends: "There aren't many grey-haired lawyers in this fi eld, that's for sure,� he says. � Lionel Faull

Lunch spot: The Marshall Inn, Marshalltown, Johannesburg