Rulleska Singh

Media Spokesperson, Mayor of Cape Town

T here are not many 21-year-olds who could take up a job
as the media spokesperson for the mayor of Cape Town,
with a brief stint at Top Billing as her only work experience.
But then Rulleska Singh is not your average Rhodes
university journalism graduate.
A self-confessed "A Type� personality with a passion for
the public sector, Singh is used to swimming in the deep end.
It doesn't bother her that she's contractually bound to keep
her cellphone on or that she fi elds calls from 5:30am
to 11pm every day.
Luckily, she's just as comfortable handling queries from
the Vietnamese consul as she is preparing for the mayor's
address to the World Economic Forum. It's this variety
of challenges and people that inspires her to aspire to
becoming a strong, capable leader who affects real change.
Because that's what the public sector means to her �
an opportunity to serve her country. � Cat Pritchard

Lunch spot: Chai Yo, Cape Town