Shahil Juggernath

C & I Engineer, Eskom

Shahil Juggernath's philosophy is "it's not about talking
green; it's about doing green�. He graduated from the
university of KwaZulu-Natal less than three years ago, with a
BSc in electronic engineering, and is now taking a part-time
engineering course at the university of Pretoria.
Concurrently working for Eskom, Juggernath, 25, is the
youngest lead engineer on an Eskom wind farm project and
is also involved in several other exciting projects.
"I basically threw myself into the project,� he says, excited
by the challenge of making a success of the wind farm and
the opportunity to explore renewable energy sources. His
hope is that one day the project will feed 100MW of wind
energy into the grid.
When thinking logistically about the wind farm,
Juggernath says, uniquely South African aspects must be
taken into consideration. For instance, when it comes to
the question of whether to place the transformers (which
contain copper) at the bottom or the top of the wind
turbine, Juggernath believed it would be best "to not put
them at the bottom� � as theft of copper is one of those
uniquely South African issues.
Another challenge Juggernath faces is the cost cutting
in most industries: "We need to fi nd the best solution at the
cheapest price.�
Having grown up in a fi ercely politically active family,
Juggernath believes that although part of the revolution
is over doesn't mean we must stop caring about bettering
people's lives. He believes we all need to use our skills to
"help the world� . � Lisa Steyn

Lunch spot: Fratelli, Greenside, Johannesburg