Shana Kay

Managing Director and Co-founder, Info Integ

Shana Kay calls herself a geek chick.
"I love technology because it enables us to
run our businesses from anywhere in the world, and
to connect with people all over the world,� she says.
The former chief executive of software
development company MAXXOR Solutions recently
started her own business, Info Integ, an online
verifi cation provider. Which, to translate for the
not-so-geeky, means, "when you have an online
business or website and if you'd like to be seen
as credible in the industry we'll give you a stamp
of approval � .
And it has not been slow going. Info Integ has
already won two awards so far: the SAB Kickstart
Award in the start-up development category and
second place in the ICT sector of the Cape Town
Entrepreneurship Competition.
But Kay, who holds a BCom information systems
degree from the university of Cape Town, isn't
stopping there. She aims to create businesses
within the ICT space exploring a variety of avenues.
"One of my passions is information sharing as well,�
she says. "I love that technology allows you to
do this.� � Vuvu Vena

Lunch spot: Wakame, Mouille Point, Cape Town