Sheraan Amod

Technology Entrepreneur

Sheraan Amod started his first company at the
age of 18. Trafik Student Networks was a small
marketing agency that he began working on in his
dorm room at the university of Cape Town.
But that business closed down two years later,
when Amod's co-founder left the city, forcing him to
make a decision: either continue with the business
or fi nish his undergraduate degree in electrical and
computer engineering.
He decided to fi nish the degree, but not long after
that he started his second company, Personera, a
"Facebook-based personalised publishing service
for businesses and consumers� , dropping out of his
master's in engineering management to do it.
"I've always been a born marketer. That's just what
I take to,� says Amod. "From high school I became a
very eager reader of blogs written by entrepreneurs
in Silicon Valley and that really inspired me to pursue
this path,� he says.
Personera's unique platform enables the automatic
integration of a person's Facebook content into a
variety of different print products that can be ordered
for personal use from, or applied to
corporate direct mail marketing campaigns.
Amod soon realised that building a business
is not about winning competitions � and he has
won quite a few, including the Enablers Cape Town
Entrepreneur Competition and the Top Technology
100 � but about creating massive value for your
customers. � Vuvu Vena

Lunch spot: Caveau at the Mill, Newlands, Cape Town