Silas Howarth

Director, Sexpo and Extreme Fighting Championship

Director of Fine Point Productions and Expo Works, Silas Howarth maintains that just because he started Sexpo does not mean he is a dirty bastard. "We decided if we were going to do an expo we would make it different and fun,� he says. "To be perfectly honest, I can't stand normal expos.� Howarth is now co-director with his two younger brothers, Cairo and Calvin, and they believe they have found a niche that no one else was willing to explore. "Everyone was talking about it, but no one was doing it from an entertainment perspective,� he says of the immediate success of Sexpo. Expo Works has also begun hosting the Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC), a mixed martial arts event that is growing increasingly popular, and the Howarths are already enjoying immense success with this venture. "I think what enabled us to make EFC and Sexpo so successful so quickly is our marketing background, which enabled us to understand the market,� he says. � Lisa Steyn

Lunch spot: La Campagnola, Bryanston, Sandton