Sven Laurencik

Director, Eversheds Attorneys

It took Sven Laurencik three years to progress from being a junior associate to a director at Eversheds. Most corporate lawyers would take twice the time. But Laurencik says it was a sort of domino effect that landed him where he is. As a newly admitted junior associate in 2007, he was seconded to represent Tyco, a $50 billion multinational company. Then, on the back of the Tyco deal, Routledge Modise Attorneys, as Eversheds was then known, was approached by Eversheds International to merge into the company's global network, which transformed Eversheds into the largest law firm in South Africa. Now Laurencik heads the team that handles outsourced legal work from the United Kingdom. He's also spearheading a third department, which is carving out a different function for law firms in South Africa by providing business solutions, in addition to legal ones. � Lionel Faull

Lunch spot: Tasha's Cafe, Morningside Shopping Centre, Sandton