Tania Steenkamp


Tania Steenkamp is a world leader in arbitration law and a member of the Regional Coordinating Committee for Africa, the Middle East and Turkey. Her work, she says, marries public international law with arbitration law. Steenkamp, who has a law degree from North West University, says her job has afforded her the opportunity to work abroad, where she has "gained experience in a field that not many people in South Africa have in-depth knowledge about. " She never planned to go into arbitration law, her main interest was public international law. But when she was approached by a firm that specialises in both, Steenkamp found her true love. She currently works for Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs and is the representative for Africa on the International Chamber of Commerce's Young Arbitrator's Forum. � Vuvu Vena

Lunch spot: Wang Thai, Sandton, Johannesburg